Previous week in some pictures

 School started again but not without a yummie breakfast. 

And we went back to work. Well we were already at work (from home) the week before but Jan and I had alternated some working days with some days off because it was still Christmas vacation for the children. Therefore it didn't feel like a true working week in our shared home office, fully concentrated without children's interruptions. 

In the rest van the week, the sky tried to show up in his best appearance and also our cat was contemplating taking a morning shower.  In the end, he decided that a long beauty nap would be sufficient. 

The children's old school buildings are finally all demolished, which is great news to see the construction of the new school starting in the coming months. 

Jan had to travel two days again which we are not used to anymore after so much pandemic, so we all missed him very much. 

I caught Beertje doing a little tutorial film in front of the mirror on how you must brush your teeth.  Cute. If only he'd brush a little longer and more thoroughly.  And then it's bedtime. 

On Saturday we combined a little bit of snow in the sun as well with car hunting. 


Kris10 said…
ik abonneer me meteen op Beertje zijn YouTubekanaal :)
Goofball said…
@Kris10: hahaha, ja ik zal je waarschuwen als hij internettoegang krijgt. Maar gelukkig kan hij nog niets online zetten. Hij deed ook niet echt een opname maar deed alles alsof, met een hele uitleg tegen zichzelf in de spiegel en bewegingen enz. Het was effectief heel schattig om gade te slaan.

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