18 random pictures of the last 6 weeks


1) After Kabouter's teacher had made lettuce soup in class much to Kabouter's enthusiasm, I had the daunting task to achieve the same level of satisfaction with my lettuce soup. 

2) A cat in a box...it's not always a cat in a bag

3) Beertje with his letter crown after he has done his letter homework to present things with the letter V (each toddler has to present one week a letter).   Beertje brought things with a V like a "vuilniszak", "vis" (toy), "vogel" (toy), "vliegtuigje", a VELUX verrekijker, ... 

4)  When we wanted to go for a ride Kabouter's bike was shockingly small.  So the bike went up for sale while we got a new second hand one for the boy that was more his size. 

5)  Just imagine the cursing that happens in the media room when someone has to put up this image

6) Not very often but we still do sometimes play Pokémon

7) When Kabouter went camping with school, the backpack was walking with some tiny legs underneath :). 

8) When the Leuven Bears basketball team had a match on tv, Beertje was almost going to make a guest appearance for the TV crew filming the arrival of the opponents. 

9) Beertje playing in the school garden

10) Collaboration for some lego technics 

11) the Abbey barn that hosts the abbey store

12) My orchid blooms again

13) the boys goofing around at a sound artifact downtown Leuven. 

14) Yes our boys also play in the water fountain downtown Leuven and nope, I do not carry spare clothes around.  That's fine on warm summer nights. 

15) Do you also always take a picture when you see insane hot temperatures 

16) Birthday treats at work 

17) When your children didn't warn you they've played in the sand...then you find dunes in your sofa afterwards.   


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