Gratitude post for school and its teachers

 Another school year has passed.  A moment that always triggers some reflection. 



So now we have two months without/ with less morning rush, with less morning walks where I walk behind my chatting boys. No weekly letters announcing lots of exciting activities that often make me jealous and wish I was still in school  (and why do my school memories seem so much more boring, we didn't do so much fun stuff!).  I won't pick up dirty boys that clearly played the hell out of their big school garden or have dirth soil under their nails because they have been working hard in their class vegetable garden. We won't gather crafts on our table for 2 months. 

The boys claim they will miss school, and in a way I will too.  I am grateful for the school, the teachers and their approach.  At the same time I do treasure the summer months, the camps, the summer, the freedom.  We'll be fine and enjoying July and August to the fullest and we'll walk back with a big smile on Sept 1st to plenty of new school adventures. 

Walking to and from school each day

His "letter" crown when it was his week to introduce a letter to the class

The school feast

crafts in the "Egypt" theme weeks

The big child friendly school garden

Frequent outdoor teaching

Discover symmetry in the abbey garden

Music class: neighbourhood christmas singing even in times of covid

Excursions that always continue , regardless the pandemic

school camping at the farm

Plogging in the neighbourhood

at the meteo class at the provincial domain

gathering material for their vegetable garden

child theatre

In class activities  (well for some classes, that's "in tent" activities)

The destruction of the old-dated "convent" buildings that will finally make room for a newly built school by the end of next year.


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