On this day (yesterday) - July 28th

A small return back into time with pictures archive.  I selected the pictures of July 28th since I had more , but yesterday was music time so the post comes with one day delay. 


Kabouter is in scouting camp, so Beertje who is alone crawls the morning in our bed for some snoozing with an iPad. 

I took out my flute for a picture challenge by Anne

and I also took a black & white portrait from Rodin. 


Sometimes a picture archive holds mysteries...why on earth did I took a picture of this?? Even worse: why on earth did we have a roast beef & musterd Pringles box??  It's summer 2020, we were not travelling so it can't be something I tested from a foreign supermarket.  Was this part of the many gift boxes that were sent around for home appetizers or so...I don't remember. 


2 fierce knights are defending the lady of the house in east Belgium. 

I guess we returned home and had a lunch stop at the Burger King in Heverlee . Back at home the boys played with the little OSO Bot that follows colour code instructions drawn on a sheet. 


the boys greet the neighbour cows and I hold my sleeping boy on my lap at bedtime, probably after some breastfeeding. Ooooh I miss tiny sleeping boys on my lap! If I could timetravel, I'd go back to some of those moments. 


The neighbourhood partrol is on watch duty

Kabouter got his face painted at the playground in Leuven and he seems a bit exhausted after a day full of play.


our cute Beertje baby


We are in full preparation for the life changing event upcoming in September.  Kabouter's name is chosen and the right letters have been purchased at the market amidst that pile of letters 


We enjoy the performances at M-idzomer festival in Leuven


I enjoy an evening at the Gentse Feesten with my friends...this is probably been one of the last times that I attended the Gentse Feesten, even though that has been a fixed summer appointment during a few decades. Now I don't seem to end up in Gent any more so easily. 


I've recently moved to Leuven now our renovations progressed enough to move in. Some cousins and my sister and their offspring come to visit us in our bare little city garden.  Oh gosh, those little boys and girls are now all so grown up!

28 /7/ 2006

Beleuvenissen time! 


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