Sun screens against the heat

Our house is facing south and has an open structure: there are no doors closing off the living room - kitchen - hall.  Our living room has big windows in order to pull in light in the typical narrow long townhouse as ours. 

But that means that there is a lot of sunlight coming in during hot summers...heat that cumulates and rises without hinder in our house to the topfloors where it cumulates to an uncomfortable level.   The summer of 2021 was no issue but it's been tough in 2020 and 2019 where we had many heat waves.  

With a lot of reluctance we started using already two mobile airco's but that's always suboptimal so this winter a true structural airco has been installed in Kabouter's southfacing attic room that had often >30C temperatures...with open door it has the capacity to chill both Kabouter's and Beertje's room. 

Still prevention is a lot better than airco and prevention is best to ensure heat doesn't come in. So we also had sun screens installed on each south facing window.  Since then we've basically left them down almost all the time and in the heat burst of 18-19 June I could truly notice that they make a 3-4C difference.  Yeay, so great, in a heat wave a difference of 3-4C can make a hell of a difference in comfort! So after just a few weeks we can confirm that it's been a top investment. 



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