We loved the hotel cat

In Gran Canaria we spent our 5th year in the same hotel, so we feel quite at home and it's always nice to see some of the waiters faithful on duty...familiar faces that make you feel at home.  Although the old maitre of the restaurant seemed to have disappeared, hopefully for a well deserved retirement but I missed him.

Yet we discovered a new regular in the hotel that we had never seen before: a little cat.  (pardon me, I name all cats besides Rodin little lately).  It felt quite unsusal to spot a cat in the middle of the hotel garden since it's more or less fully walled around so not a place where street cats would wonder in and out.  

The next day we spotted the little animal again at more or less the same spot, quite a master in chilling himself (and showing off that he was a he).  I also noticed that other hotel guests were petting him easily while I had first forbidden the children to approach the wild cat. 

It didn't take long before I scanned the area each day to look for the little guests and spotted an area amidst the hotel shrubs where he clearly was given food and drinks and himself napping in the plants on a fixed spot.   Aaaah, the hotelcat seemed here to stay. Yeaay. 

And so we made regular visits to our new little friend together with our other local friends. 

I got a friendly lick on my leg. 


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