End of heatwave in Bokrijk

All of Belgium is relieved right now. I am relieved right now, so is Jan.... And if we listen well, I think I can hear the grass sing....yeah I think I can even hear the bushes and trees sing.
You wonder why?? Well it rained last Friday, it rained today and it seems to cool off!!

The thunderstorms had been prediced already from Wednesday on but it remained hot, just a bit more cloudy. Same thing on Thursday. But on Friday the light and sound show hit Brussels and Leuven. On my way back from work I saw people on bikes again dressed for +30C weather but looking like drowned chickens now. However, 2 hours of rain gave us a bit relief but at the end of the day it was hot again. Fortunately because we went to 'Beleuvenissen' : the concerts downtown Leuven each Friday night in July. The theme was 'Tropical' in this last 2006 edition so we enjoyed lots of salsa rhythms and people dancing out on the streets.

Saturday proved hot again and so it was today. Together with my cousin, her husband and her 3 sons, Griet & Wim and little Stef we went to visit Bokrijk. That's an open air museum about our countryside history: old rebuilt farm houses, old professions, some actors doing plays.... a bit comparable with Fort Steele.

The kids al had fun and enjoyed the different animals and some old games. Unfortunately it started pouring rain again after a while and by the time we went home, we were all soaking wet. But the rain was welcome. Next week will be less hot.


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