Gentse Feesten

Despite my plans to already go to the festival in Ghent in the afternoon, I was of the many people who stayed away because of the heat. There is considerably less people downtown during the day because of the ongoing heatwave.

Not that my appartment is any better rescue resort since temps rise here as well easily above 30-31 C! Pffhew.... It's hard to sleep like that. Well, I sleep, but I get up frequently to open the widnows a bit more, to close them a bit more when there is noise outside, to drink, to go to the toilet, ....

After a sweaty and unproductive afternoon in my appartment (I took the day off), I headed downtown. There I enjoyed watching the people, street animation like a crazy band, a good turkish group in the mirror tent where some other "migrants" of Ghent started dancing, observing a salsa initiation (I always arrive late and then I don't dare to join in), ... It all was relatively quiet until 8 PM. All of a sudden, from the entry roads downtown lines of people started walking in and soon all the streets got pretty crowded. It was much harder to get across the city or to find a nice terrace where we could sit down, but we still enjoyed some parts of concerts across the city.

At the end of the evening I felt deadly tired though and we had to wait for a bit for a tram...I was so lucky when I saw my my hot appartment.

Tomorrow we go again!!

Salsa initiation in Baudelopark

Optreden "Duizend en 1 nachten" in Spiegeltent, Baudelopark

The beautiful spiegeltent (mirror tent)

The fanfare (band) of de "Vieze Gasten"

The New York Ska Orchestra at the Pole Pole tropical festival

Concert of "les truttes" under the cathedral and a big crowd


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