All afternoon I am getting waves with the hikup. That's so annoying, especially because my colleagues laugh at me. And I often breath through my mouth, which makes the HIK very loud!

In Dutch we say that someone is growing when he/she has the hikups. But this is not a good moment to be growing since then I don't fit in my clothes anymore and the sales are just almost over to buy new summer clothes ;-).



Anonymous said…
a golden tip from your sister :
fill a glass of water till the top and instead of drinking from the edge of your glass which is closest to you, take the opposite side. You concentrate and have to bow to keep on drinking. Your hikups stop immediately. It always works with me.
goofball said…
yeah I try that at home when I can do that over the sink and spill half of the water.... At work it is a little harder to do!
Anonymous said…
hmm, you don't spill normally. But of course, you bow towards the floor and not backwards, thus away from you.

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