I have a new bike!

As a teenager I was riding my bike everywhere into town. Even when it was raining hard and my parents offered me a ride to school (they were teaching in the same school) I didn't want to get into the car, but I wanted to feel the rain. At university in Ghent I rode my bike to the trainstation in Deinze and in Ghent I rode a blue thirdhand bike. That bike needed repair in the second year and after repair I needed to bring it back to Ghent. It always got postponed and I started to walk in Ghent.... and I kept on walking in Ghent and my blue old bike remained in Deinze. I actually started enjoying walking just as much as I just to ride my bike.

Once I started working professionaly, I got an own car and I didn't even ride my bike anymore to go to the trainstation neither to go for drink with friends...

Since I live in Ghent itself I don't even have a bike anymore. The old blue one is still in Deinze and really needs repair which never happens. Every summer I think about it because I just live a bit too far from downtown to walk all the time and too close to take car or tram all the time. So a bike would come in really handy. 2 years already that I am planning to get me one there and there still isn't one there. shame on me. But it's more on Sunday's when I go for a walk with Jan somewhere that we miss a bike for me the most. Since I didn't really have one, jan couldn't ride his as much as he would like too. And walking is fun, but there's always a limit of distance you can cover. ..well I suppose that counts for any vehicle, but you know what I mean.

So after a couple of weekends talking about a new one, riding my cool sister's bike to test, and knowing that my sister and her husband and Jan would take their bike on our vacation and I'd be left out... we headed for the Decathlon. I ended up the exact same one as my sister since he's so cool and a really good deal. I probably still will fix the old one and move it to Leuven anyway. This is a studentcity and lots of bikes get stolen: for small citytrips where I have to park it outside for a while without being too scared that it's (partly vanished) when I get back.

So now I have this nice hybrid bike: the b-twin 5, good for city but also some excursions in leisure time. Yipeee.

I rode it to church in Leuven for the first time this morning. Much to my shame I have to say I found it very tiring. Well, let's hope that practise will improve my legs and my poor sports condition soon. If not Jan will mock me too much. I don't think I am ready for long trips in France yet though. We'll see in a couple of weeks.


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