The morning after

Yesterday was another good day of festival in Ghent. We started a little earlier (also to flee from the paralysing heat in my appartment) and this time I guided my Libanese collegue around for his first portion of Gentse Feesten.

We started off the wrong track by visiting a play of the International Puppetbusker Festival. I had never seen one of their activities and it's supposed to be quite good. But not what we got to see. A Greek ensemble brought a very chaotic storieless collection of "showbizz" puppets, supposedly a parady on Greek/Arabic showbizz. Pff it was mostly chaotic and looked very unprofessionally improvised. After 30 minutes we decided that we had been polite enough to stay that long and we left. What a waist of energy to fly those people in from Greece.

Afterwards we went on a guided tour through Ghent with the theme "Crimineel wijs" about stories from criminals in Ghent through the ages. Nice although it gave my libanese colleague a bit the impression that there were unusually many criminals in Ghent :p... Hmm maybe we have to pick another theme next time we take somebody for his first visit in Ghent . Hihi.

After a good and healthy dinner at some of our friends place, we dived in the in the mean time much more crowded nightlife of the festival and enjoyed some "tropical" concerts, energetic covers or the Dutch rock singer/writer The Lau.

We came home with tired feet again and despite the heat we all had a good sleep. This morning, woken up by a very welcome shower outside cooling off our overheated country a bit, we all have difficulty to get started though. Hmm, let's just have a lazy slow day... Doesn't that sound like a good idea?


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