Perfect boiled egg

hihi, British scientist have found an ink that is sensitive to heat and they can stamp it on eggs so it becomes visible when your egg is perfectly boiled.
In the fall, the first eggs should be for sale in the UK with the stamps on it, but then you need to determin already at the moment of sale whether you want soft, medium or hard boiled eggs :p.

I wonder : would they then bring out mixed packages for families with mixed tasts: 2 eggs soft, 2 eggs medium, 2 eggs hard. And how can you then distinguish them? with an extra visible stamp?

And those scientists, ... who would have funded them to work on this discovery?? What a world changing research huh :p....

The idea is cute though, but is it that hard to time your eggs? Maybe we heat up our boiling water irregularly? Or would the ink really feel the condition inside the egg?
I think those researchers should now continue to work on a voice enabled stamp that tells you when the egg is ready and that yells if you don't take the egg out of the water soon enough!


Anonymous said…
and can they please invent an egg that peels itself...? ;-)


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