And Green it is

Yesterday both Jan and I had a day off (bank holiday in UK for Jan) and we used the day to get the renovations going again in the house. After 2 months of (involuntary) inactivity, it felt good to see things changing again. After the green addition of grass, we started painting our kitchen wall as predicted.

After having a big piece of green wood sitting on our counter top for months, we went to get that same paint. And green it is !! I truly have to get used to it. It's daring and modern and very bright. My feelings are a bit ambiguous but I don't regret it!

Unfortanately I cannot show you the result yet. I have some pictures but I can't get them out of the camera on this computer for an obscure reason. Arrrgggh. This is a very frustrating evening. Everything seems to go wrong. Booohooooo :( :(
Maybe I just feel tired. I really felt tired when I came home even though at work I was fine today. The ride home made me very tired. And I took some tape of that we used to protect all the sides of the painted wall. ... just to discover that the tape did not stick everywhere as well and that we'll need to make more corrections since it's not well aligned at all places. Damn, it really frustrates me tonight.
And now I want to get those pictures on the laptop. First my camera run low on batteries (and the recharger is obviously not here) and after I changed the battery, the laptop does not recognise the camera's USB anymore. Pfff.
And the one picture that I did have isn't uploading in blogger either. Oh I love that message that comes up after 10 minutes trying all the time "page cannot be displayed'.

I was supposed to do a lot of ironing but it's already very late and since all technology is against me tonight, I'd better not touch it. You never know that it explodes or sprays unexpectedly steam in my face. Good night. Hopefully later on this week I can post more succesfully pictures of our green wall


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