2 girls along the beach

Blue sky, relatively warm weather, not much wind.....how could we stay inside? And if Jan was driving around in the desert mountains, I needed my share of sand as well.

So Sandra and I went out for a good walk along the promenade in Knokke and a walk on the paths in the nature reserve of "'t Zwin". It was lovely out today and we were definately not the only ones out there who tought so.

Great huh??...

....ok ok I admit it, it wasn't that hot as in the picture. Since we both didn't take our camera's along, I copied a promotional picture from www.knokkeheist.be . (I am sure they don't mind that there promotional pictures get more exposure. ) But it was almost too warm to keep our jackets on! So when we finally went for a deserved drink, we were surely not looking for a hot choco to warm up ;).

We had a good view there on the local traffic coming by which was clearly not what you on average see in Belgium: 10 Porches in an hour, many more SUV's, Mercedes's, etc... It was more remarkable than walking around in Chelsea, London! Some parts of Knokke clearly still live up their rich reputation!


Anonymous said…

niet vergeten te vermelden: we hebben ook een oude Honda, een paar Peugeots en minstens 1 Polo gezien...
En al die mensen die rondrijden in hun golfwagentje omdat ze zich geen wagen meer kunnen veroorloven nadat ze hun golf-abonnement betaald hebben ;-)

Goofball said…
Right!! I already forgot the golf carts. Where on earth do people drive around in golf carts through town??? It almost looked like how I picture Florida :).

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