Gas smell

For weeks we have a faint gas small on the sidewalk and parking lane next to our house already. When we phoned to report it, the gas company said "yes it is a known problem there, but we do not have the authorisation to start digging there from the city". Huh? What a shockker was that? How come they cannot dig to investigate if there could be a gas leak??????? Geeez

Anyway, today apparently they have received the authority (maybe some more neighbours phoned) and now they are happily digging in the parking lane a man deep hole to check it out.
So far so good, but one of the guys is smoking there! Is it just me who thinks that is worrying? I am not sure, but in my mind a gas smell and smoking are not 2 things that go together well! Seeing that gives me a very very creepy feeling!

On the other hand it's been there for a while now and I'm sure lots of pedestrians walked by with a sigaret in their mouth and there are all the time cars pulling up here at the traffic lights as well. but it does not really reassure me.


Allie said…
Err ... just think Ellen, perhaps you will receive the smoke signal in the sky giving the heads up that your neighborhood bonfire has begun. :P

Don't forget your marshmallows .....

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