Music heaven in December

2006 is ticking away and so are all the top xxxx hit parades, the best of...., the special request programs.

I don't know if it is a Flemish thing, but December is a musical heaven!
  • End of November already I think Q-music had its top 2000 or something of greatest hits.
  • 2nd week of December,4 fm had a top 100 of the 60ies on Monday, 70ies on Tuesday, ....with a top 100 all times on Friday. Fun fun fun in the office and lots of singing along. (hihi my boss loved Monday best :p).
  • The week before Christmas Studio Brussel had their hype charity action in which they sold requests for the Red Cross 6 days 24h/24h "Music For Life". Some people thought the action was a media overkill, and it was a hype indeed. All of a sudden all of Flanders seemed to be listening to StuBru or were standing in line 2 kms from our house to get a glimps of the 3 DJ's locked up without solid food in their glass house in Leuven. Well, I loved it, the more I listened to it. All this generosity and charity activities brought me in the Christmas mood and the music was damn good.
  • Around Christmas I must have missed the Radio 1's "100 op 1" , 100 top Belgian classics. Too bad, but I can still listen to it on the internet. Pheww.
  • During the last week of the year, traditionally Radio Donna plays non-stop its top 2006. A week that is just getting better and better with the top 5 on New Year's Eve.

Pff it'll be hard to adjust to normal radio again in January: to listen to one hit commercially launched dolls that try to sing :(. Why can't it always be musically December?


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