what the hell?

The Southern part of Belgium apparently had its own "war of the worlds" broadcast on tv tonight: the RTBF tv had interrupted their emissions for a news broadcast that Belgium had split up, Flanders had declared its independence, the king had fled the country with "real-time" images of Brussels roads getting blocked and people panicking.

It was all fiction in order to trigger some discussion in our country.....well I think they sure triggered discussion alright! Geez, what were they thinking? They could at least have indicated from the beginning that it was fiction and just announce the documentary rather than to interrupt the emissions as breaking news.
I think they have also triggered some discussion how our tax money is being used to create a great panic wave in half of the country .
In the mean time Flanders in itself was very oblivious to it all, busy watching the European soccer game here at 1 km from my door. (massive police turnout here with even a helicopter flying over! But that is to keep the Dutch fans quiet, not because of a revolution going on.).

Anyway....I'd actually want to see the emission that is now causing such a fuss...Is it on YouTube already?


Anonymous said…
Don't know about YouTube, but you can watch it from the Flemish news site (VRT):
Debbie said…
This was in the Calgary Herald today Ellen! Wow!!You had mentioned something a while ago as well on your blog that made it into the paper a few days later as well. How word travels eh?

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