Belgium through the eye of a foreigner

When having foreigners over, I always proudly want to show them around. We have a tendency to show our big monuments...our cathedrals, our major pieces of art, our squares, belfry towers, abbeys and beguinages.... Those are the treasures of our old historical cities of which I am so proud.

But every time I am amazed by what my guests pay attention too ...things I had never truly "seen" before, things I walked by. They can be an eyeopener for ourselves. I remember Mona and Rusty paying so much attention to 'a stupid home for elderly people'...but every time I walk by now, I give it a closer look as to see why it was so special for them. :).

Lisa also truly has an eye for details in our society and street images that I just walk bye... Some of her pictures are really neat. have a look.


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