Guiding Lisa in Leuven

Enjoying the nice weather on Sunday (is this supposed to be winter or is it still fall or already spring???), Jan and I guided Lisa through my soon to be hometown: Leuven. I felt very proud to show her some of the nice spots!

shopping for some fresh food on the market in Heverlee on sunday morning

Visiting the Biguinage of Leuven, a Unesco protected site

One of the old city towers

The gothic cityhall of Leuven

The abbey "abdij van 't Park"


Betsy said…
Aaa! I loooooooove Leuven! We lived in Kortenberg for 5 years, and even when we lived in Steenokkerzeel later I still managed to make it to Leuven every now and then! And it was usually nice-- all except for the time that my Dad ended up in the hospital there once for a week, and even that was good for a hospital experience.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :-)

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