Basement transformation

I have not written in a while about our renovations in the house, so you might be thinking that all is finished since I have moved. But that is far from true and we are not resting yet. Every weekend we try to work at least one day in the house to keep the transformation going. Last 2 weekends were dedicated to the basement.

All my boxes and some furniture is still piled up in one part of the basement, whereas we are getting the other part ready for a spare tv/ironing/relax room. Today we finished the second layer of plaster on the gyproc edges and we painted the ceiling.

The entry to the basement has already been finished at the end of last year. Under the stairs are our freezers and laundry corner.

And remember our Ikea battle? well our storage is already in full daily use , partly with food and drinks, partly with tools and material needed for the renovations, so we'll win some room after we're all day.


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