Bloggers without make-up

Stephanie is challenging us all to post a picture from ourselves without make-up.

Actually it is not that challenging for me since I don't wear make-up most of the days. I really go in waves. There are weeks that I want to do it all the way: blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick etc... But usually I don't have time at all and then it simply doesn't happen. I am always late to get out of the door and this is easily dropped. I tell my collegues that it is visible when I have been in a lot of traffic jams: when I show-up with lots of make-up , then I was stuck in traffic jam :p. Yes yes, I am one of the drivers that start putting on mascara in the car when traffic doesn't progress.

When I have to go to a party, I do always put make-up on. It does put me in a more festive mood.

But anyway, I had to pick a picture. It is one from our latest diving vacation in Egypt, when I am sitting in the sun in between 2 dives. So there is no hair brushing, no make-up, no stylish dress.


This is a great picture!!

Mrs. D said…
you have great skin.. beautiful.

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