Bribing the window cleaners

My desk is currently in a side building of the brewerie's HQ , "the chalet" with view on the other buildings on one side and on a field with horses on the other. The nice view had gotten very dusty lately so it was about time some window cleaners came by.

While the windows were getting their magic transformation, I tried to eat my sandwiches as elegantly as possible at my desk. It's a bit weird to have lunch with an audience.
Afterwards I went to get some cold drinks in the cafeteria and I crossed those men again on the trail outside:

"Very nice weather, isn't it, madam" ( a madam?)
"Yeah, isn't it great?"

on the way back with a supply of cold fanta in my hands

"Oh that looks great"
"you want one?? If I give you a fanta would you come wash my windows at home?"
"Oh Pete might do that, isn't it?"
...Pete just laughed and went into the building as well.

I guess next time I'll have to bribe them with something better than cold Fanta. So it remains on my urgent chore list at home.


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