Early birthday surprise

My 30th birthday is still half a year away. But I already received my first birthday present unexpectedly.

Jan has managed to buy us tickets for the 30th anniversary tour of The Police! The first concert in Antwerp on Oct 8th was sold out immediately but we didn't try to get any tickets. But I must admit that afterwards I was disappointed that we hadn't even tried although I didn't talk about it with Jan.
A couple of days later a 2nd concert was scheduled in Antwerp on October 9th. The sales of those tickets were on sales on some weekday last week, so I couldn't even try to phone or e-mail while being at work. But apparently someone else did.... We were on the waiting list but apparently a lot of people order tickets without paying for them within 4 days and as a result, Jan got confirmation today that we have bought 2 tickets. And he surprised me with this early birthday present :).


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