A cousins bbq

Until noon we had not decided whether we'd risk doing a bbq or whether we had to opt for more traditional cooking in our kitchen. When some more dry intervals were predicted, we have taken the shot after we had put up or little white tent in our garden that could keep the meat on the bbq dry if necessary. When the sun started peeking now and then through the dark clouds, we even got so optimistic as to set the table outside. And we succeeded to spend the entire evening outside. yeaaah, great. Fortunately for us, it only started raining again after we went to bed.

Only 2 of my cousins and their families could make it as well as my sister, after we had received some last minute cancellations. Too bad, it would have been fun to truly have been all together in a mini informal family reunion. Maybe next time. It was fun already now.
The children had a good time playing with the little ball, chasing each other, drawing on the toilet door or playing other games. The much younger Stef (23 months now) happely ran among the bigger kids. In a hilarious way he was trying to mimic the others and play along even if he had no clue what the game rules were. Soon he was playing along 1-2-3 piano also facing the wall and quickly turning around yelling "Pianooooo!" and also pointing to the other kids who had not moved in fact but he didn't truly know what he had to do. He simply immitated the others while we were all laughing our heads off.

When we came to his most favourite activity "eating", he was also the star of the show as always. At one point we were pointing at everybody and he had to say the name of the person:
* who's that ?
* mommy
* who's that?
* (whisper...Victor)
* Victor
* who's that
* Ellen!
* who's that (pointing at Jan who just came out of the kitchen with a dish of food)

Even with "only 8 adults and 4 children", our tiny garden was really busy

My sister's story has caught everybody's attention apparently

Casper clinging to his dad and Victor enjoying a back massage

My sister and Stef caught doing a little dance

Stef all excited about the food

Ball games...that are bound to end with the ball flying over the top of the wall in the garden of the neighbours. No worries, my sportive cousin Koen had no difficulty hopping over and recovering the ball again.

An animation film is always entertaining for young and old


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