Country without government

Leterme can pack up his ambitions to become prime minister again: his attempts to form a government coalition failed today 2,5 months after the elections. Back to start again. I did predict it would take at least all summer to form a new Belgian government. Now I think it's going to take even longer. All political parties in this country seem to be extremely stubborn this time and having completely different view on Belgian's future.

We'll probably get a Frenchspeaking politician trying to negotiate now. We have to respect a balance of course in this country, even in troubled political times :p . So I think Flemish parties won't give in at all as they probably blame Leterme's failure on the Wallonian point of view. I wonder if the Frenchspeaking parties will want to give in when the so hated distrusted Leterme is not leading the negotiations anymore.

Turkish media is apparently already putting in the news that Belgium is breaking up. Hmm I think we have more elasticity than that. It's not the first time that a government takes months get formed in Belgium. I am surprised though that nobody has moved a single bit on their points of view so far yet. Someone will have to give in though or we will never have a federal government anymore. And then we need to get new elections in the near future, as some are already predicting.

I wonder whether we'd get a Frenchspeaking prime minister. That hasn't happened in ages,...definately as long as I live! I don't think it would hurt our country. be continued .


Jen said…
This is one of the things I love about reading blogs from other countries... is learning about the politics, etc. I'll bet Belgium's situation with all the cultural mixing is fairly unique? And I feel like an idiot in terms of the summer in Belgium question - we do the same thing - try to travel off high season and I like my town, too, when everyone's away, but I always think of that part of Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, etc.) pretty much shutting down in August!
Goofball said…
@Jen: well I am really glad you like the post. I almost didn't write it since I was user everyone would skip reading that stuff. OK, so if I ramble more about Belgian politics on here, feel guilty because you stimulated me :) . hahaha. Just kidding. I am truly happy that you liked it.

hey and don't feel like an idiot!!!! Why would you. It was not a stupid question. Western Europe does shut down , in Belgium mainly in July and by mid August things return more or less to normal. That's why I like keep on working during that period :p...nice and quiet.

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