How to make a boring conf call more exciting

If you are in a boring conference call meeting, you could spice up things by pouring your cup of coffee over your keyboard, desk, papers, your clothes and floor.

  • Nobody has seen it
  • It keeps you distracted for sure while you try to dry your keyboard and dive under your desk in order to mob the floor


  • It's hot and it stains your clothes that remain wet for quite a while!
  • People will probably hear your multiple curses & you might be toooo distracted to keep up with the meeting , so you'll have to explain anyway.


Jenn in Holland said…
oh! no!
But really! Oh! NO!!
anno said…
Oh dear! Ouch!

(Another way to spice up conference calls from home is to have the dog suddenly start barking at some invisible and thus highly dangerous potential intruder. Happens to me every time.)
Fourier Analyst said…
What a truly exciting life you have. My version was to be in the middle of the conference call while teleworking from home and suddenly realising that the baby was awake and the baby gate on the stairs not closed. You guessed it. Baby falls down stairs before I can get to her. I end up panicking and signing off conference call very abruptly with a quick explanation "Baby just fell down the stairs. Click. Needless to say they spent a very nervous 15 min. before I called back to say everything was okay. (Talk about guilt. Not professional and bad mother at the same time!)
Jen said…
Oh, dear! Or you could do what Robert Frost, the American poet did: he was at a poetry reading by Archibald MacLeish, and didn't like the attention that MacLeish was getting because the spotlight wasn't on himself, and he lit his program on fire, lol.

I hope you, your keyboard and your clothes all recovered.
Goofball said…
@JIH: oh yes...haahaaa but yes!

@anno: well I am safe for that fortunately, no dog around for me

@Mike: thanks for coming by again. Yes I am having a good weekend so far

@FA: oh no, that is awefull! Was the baby alright? That must have been a horribly scary moment for you. Mine was just embarrasing. I was not teleworking from home: I was in the office with some colleagues. So I was stuck there for the rest of the day with very stained clothes.

@jen: keyboard has recovered, clothes are with the dirty laundry...I hope the stains will go out ok.

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