Limburg cycler's paradise

During the previous week we had planned to finally get our hands on those last walls in the bathroom and to start plastering and paiting them so we'd be able to finishe that last room as well. We've really lost a bit of our renovating rhythm here and we should pick it up again.

But that is not really what you want to do when it's finally a nice hot sunny weekend after a real crappy summer month. I immediately envisioned me on a towel in the sun with a good book (I just generously replenished myself at the library last friday!) in our little garden. But Jan had already called his brother to ask whether they felt like joining us in a bikeride.

I was a little hesitant since last time was really fun but also left me in pain for like 4 days. I'd be a little embarrasing to drop out of breath in front of Jan's family. But if I don't make more biketrips more often, I'll never get better at it either.

Turns out that this trip was a good boost for my cycling self confidence:
* I finally figured out that I am usually riding a too small gear, causing me to peddle like crazy and wearing me out. .... hmm I really have too many gears on my bike to grasp with my brain, but I seem to improve
* Jan's brother and sister-in-law actually thought he is riding really fast: no wonder I can't keep up with him!!!

Once again I was impressed by the signaling of pleasant bikeroads in loops that the Flemish government has been developping in recent years. Little by little Flanders seems to catch up to the Netherlands as a cycling country! It was a great trip along the canal and in the woods, probably more rewarding than an afternoon on a towel. And we got to stay for yet another great summer night BBQ!


Anonymous said…
Weer ne schone claire-obscure foto!
Mike said…
My brother gave me one of those high-tech bikes. I still have no idea how to use the gears, though.


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