Wanted: software ghostbusters

Our software has turned nuts. Seemingly totally random people can open tasks, cannot open tasks, cannot log in, etc... When opening up random login names of colleagues appear on the screen, ...

What the hell??????

So I had the joy phoning around all the time to check who was still working, who could take over which task, where I could launch jobs for others in order to keep the process going, .telling everybody to log off so we can reboot some servers, ... while on the other hand phoning with technicians, making ever failing tests, .... Nice crisis management with moments full of stress, adrenaline, confusion and fatalism and boredom at the same time! I did not even notice the sun came out today. I only realised when going home late this evening, that I was so hot not only from stress but simply because the weather had turned out nice.

The 'good' news is we still don't know what is going on, so I am expecting a similar day tomorrow. At least I know it won't be boring. I think I am off to bed now with a stomac full of comforting take away fries!


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