And we're off

Schools have started in Belgium yesterday. As a result the parents of those 1 million kids are back at work and you could feel it right away in traffic!! Geez my travel time has increased by 60 % in 2 days time! Grrr.

The good thing is that all good old TV shows are back. No more summer reruns! No no, we finally get all the answers we've been waiting for al summer. It's been hard to live in the unknown with all those burning cliffhangers, you know :p. Now that I know that Sam didn't get killed in the accident and that Werner has just arrived in time to save Eva and her little son out of the fire, I can leave with a relieved heart ;-). Especially because the evil brother-in-law Maarten was left killed in the fire.

So our suitcases are packed, the little Ipod gadget to broadcast our iPod to the car radio is ready, .... We're off now! Bye bye

That doesn't mean you do not have a reason to come around anymore! I know you all will be so devastated by my absence so I've selected some posts from my archives to soothen the pain. And if you continue clicking, you'll find plenty more!

If you want to get to know me better: 6 weird things about me and my life in my car. Or you can meet my boyfriend who's often in London.
I went on vacation this winter to dive .
Somtimes I can have weird chat or telephone or other conversations.
When I am not renovating and decorating together with so many other Belgians, then I go to folk festivals , famous cycling races, or .... You name it. Otherwise we spend time with our adorable family full of little kids.

If you feel the urge to leave a comment, don't constrain yourself!! have fun. I'll be back.


Jenn said…
enjoy your holiday!

Jen said…
Have an absolutely wonderful trip!
Have a great time! Our new fall shows start later and later. : (
Betsy said…
I always dreaded that moment in September when the E40 backed up all the way back to Woluwe and my commute time doubled overnight! *shudder*!

Have a great holiday!!!
If anyone is reading Ms. GB's comments, rest assured she and the man arrived safely in Boston. I saw them with my own two eyes.

They look like they are having a wonderful vacation!!
Allie said…
Sigh .... now only if I could convince you and Jan to take your next vacation over here. Jan told me that you would rather go diving but I will plead my selfish case once again! I promise that I won't give birth and miss your visit if you come again!!

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