Boston, the walking city

After a long flight, a smooth transition in the modern airport of "Philly" (gosh what a difference to the awefull long wait in Dulles Washington airport 3 years ago!) and some traffic jams in the Big Dig, we arrived in Boston. We had already received a sneak preview from the plane when I had recognised the Boston harbor islands and the huge peninsula of Cape Cod and the many bays of Rhode Island.

My first impression was overwhelmed: Boston seemed like a huge city that was not walkable at all as described in our guides. While my brain was not succeeding to tell my body that it was still early in the evening, we headed to Central Square in Cambridge to get some dinner but all I wanted was to crash in our bed.

The next morning we set off by foot across the river and started walking across the many buildings of Boston University and Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. We progressed easily and quickly, so I had to review the fact that this was a walking city after all.

With our noses partly in our tourist guides, partly behind the camera and partly up in the air, we zigzagged our way across Back Bay and Copley Square up to the Public Garden and the Boston Common. We dived into the history of the American revolution and admired the cute colonial 'dollhouses' remaining among the skyscrapers, after which we arrived by the harbor side.

We got sidetracked a little from the historical Freedom Trail walk to check out chinatown in a glance, since all is walking distance closeby anyway! The walk through the North End, especially the Paul Revere mall was very charming after which we arrived across the water in Charlestown. Gosh I had never thought we'd be able to cover that much in a day!!! The last visits to the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill were starting to hurt to my feet nevertheless, but Jan convinced me to walk all the way back as well with a visit to Beacon Hill. I must admiss that Beacon Hill's famous beauty has totally escaped me. Blame my feet and my general fatigue by that moment. For a moment we thought it would be a good idea to go and have a rest in the famous original Cheers cafe but that turned out to be so full and commercial that we quickly headed out again. I didn't even take a good look to check the resemblance with the TV set.

When we finally came back in our room, I was already sound asleep while Jan was showing me the load of pictures we had taken that day!! zzzzz it had been a busy but rewarding day!!


Jen said…
I went to grad school in Boston and my DH lived there for many years. Your post brings back SUCH memories! I hope you're having a wonderful trip!

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