Meeting SMID

One of the things I was quite excited about in Boston was that I probably would meet Soccer mom in denial. When I had posted in July about our plans to come to New England, Jenn in Holland had suggested to me to get in touch with her penpal and blogging friend SMID to get some advice. And so I did.

...Funny how having a blog slowly starts to intervene with your real life! SMID enthousiastically reacted to my first e-mail and here we were in Boston a couple of weeks later phoning each other to meet each other for lunch! I was so excited to be going to meet the face behind a blog that I had start to appreciate very much. And since I had not seen any pictures of her so far, I was quite anxious to be at time at the statue to look for someone with a grey sweater.

I was welcomed immediately by a warm hug (oh hugs, I miss hugs so much in Europe, why don't we hug each other???) and a big smile. So that was my very first blogger meeting ever , right downtown Boston. Wooohooo.

SMID was so nice to us as to offer her lunchbreak to us to give a us quick tour by the harbor and to talk with us to get to know each other a bit better. It was a bit short, but it sure was great.

Thankx SMID for all of that, we truly appreciated it! So cool to know your face now to place next to all your great stories. Thankx for the ongoing advice by e-mail during our trip here. As you said: it is great to have a local friend! Hope to see you again later, maybe on our side of the ocean.


Betsy said…
How great to be able to connect a face with a name! Sounds like fun!
Jen said…
Oh, I'm jealous! What fun!
sari said…
Sounds wonderful, and Boston is such a lovely city to visit!! Glad it went well. :-)
I'm just so excited to finally meet you (and Jan). It was such a lovely day to walk around. I do love where I live and to share it with travellers was very nice.

Don't worry, I'll be invading your hometown some day!!
Jenn in Holland said…
Yes! Yes! SMID on OUR side of the ocean would be divine...
It sounds like a great meeting and a wonderful trip for you. What a great set of tales you must have to tell now.
I look so wind swept and so, pale. Oh well. I'm glad we have this photo. Thanks to Jan for taking it and to you for making sure we met up.
Fourier Analyst said…
Jealous! Jealous! Jealous! But having lots of fun living vicariously! Jenn-in-Holland and I both can't wait for the eventual Grand European Tour of our blog buddies. We'd leave "BLOGHER" in the dust!!

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