10 random facts meme

About 6 weeks ago, Luisa Perkins at Novembrance tagged me to play a 10 random facts meme. A little later she played another meme and but she wrote the following at the end 'Since almost no one responded to my last meme tag, I'm not going to tag anyone this time. ' I could feel her disappointment.
"Nooo nooo, trust me. I have commented on your first post that I would play. I just haven't done it yet, but I will."

So here I am 6 weeks later, in the sofa, wanting to post something but lacking inspiration for a story or something. An excellent moment to dig up her meme (while I am currently playing the Ralph Vaughan Williams - Tallis Fantasia music which she posted last Sunday).

So here's 10 random facts about me:

  1. I keep promises! It might take a long time but it try to keep them! ;)
  2. I am a champion in procrastionation ...but the slower my start, the more energetic and up to speed I get later on. If I get up too early in the morning, I struggle all day with fatigue and the tendency to go and rest. If I sleep in, have a long relax breakfast, read some books and "waste time",.... I'll get the urge "to do " something after a while.

    I am known at work to arrive late and to leave late. I get most of my work done in the hours before I go home rather than in the morning.
  3. I love to sleep in total darkness and silence. I don't understand that some people need light to sleep! Huh? Isn't that unnatural?
    Anyway, I am totally excited about the new windows we got a couple of weeks ago and the new light blocking curtains which we got this weekend. Woooohooo, quality sleep from now on :)
  4. I tend to study licence plates at cars and make up words from the combinations I see. Lately I am really intrigued by a bus which I often pass when I drive home. It says "KOE 917" (cow 917). Now I am looking for more driving animals :p
  5. I love recipes with mint. Mint is such a refreshing and delicious herb. Mint tea is the best. Mint in other dishes eg cucumber soup with mint, lamb with mint, .... Fantastic.
    but I hate eating mint candies. I don't like the cold sensation it gives in my mouth and it irritates my tongue and leaves me thirsty afterwards.
  6. I hate Anglo-Saxon facecloths...they are just square?? In Belgium and other European countries they form a little bag as they are stitched together at 3 sides....sooooo much more practical. Why don't they get adopted in the rest of the world? I don't get it.
  7. I love the Belgian historic cities! You should all come and visit them. So many beautiful buildings! Sometimes I get so thrilled and proud to live where I live.
  8. I learned to play the flute...but if I could do it all over, I'd probably start playing the oboe. It seems a much more mysterious instrument.
  9. I'm quite demanding for myself and other people. That's not my best characteristic.
  10. My writing always seems to be too lenghty. I have difficulty to make brief concise writing. I always elaborate. I rephrase and give examples. Even though I am afraid I bore people, even though I love to read concise messages, I don't manage to be concise myself .


Jen said…
I'm glad you took up Luisa on her challenge! I agree with you about mint, except for mint tea - which I used to love, but now feels too intense to me. My favorite salad in the spring is to mix baby greens, strawberries and radishes with oil and vinegar, salt, pepper and mint. It's lovely!

And I'd love to come and see all those beautiful Belgian buildings!
anno said…
I love your list! I, too, wish to play the oboe, and I love mint... in just about everything. The last time I visited Belgium, I was 9, but I still remember the lacemakers of Bruges... and something about waffles and chocolate... Sounds like I need a refresher course!
Luisa Perkins said…
Goofball, thank you so much! It made my day that you played. This is a great list.

I would love to visit Belgium.

I play the flute but would MUCH rather play the oboe!

Now I'm very intrigued by the facecloth description. Why is a little bag more practical?
Carol said…
I love those little mitten-like washcloths! We used to have aunts and uncles send them to America because Mom refused to use anything else!

Thanks for helping us to know you better!

Goofball said…
@Luisa: the facecloths? well if they are closed on 3 sides...a bit mitten like, than you can just slide your hand in it, keep your palm open and wash yourself with an open hand. The surface of your hand can actually touch your body with an open hand while in the facecloth.

If the facecloth is just one big square, you cannot put your hand in it. You need to hold it with your fingers if not it will fall. So your fingers are closed, your palm is not open...how do you wash yourself with a closed hand clutching to a cloth? I don't think it's practical at all.
R. Duckie said…
I never noticed square facecloths were weird! I guess I am just used to them :)
Fourier Analyst said…
1,2,3,7,9,& 10 could be on my blog!1 In fact, I might have to use them if I ever play this meme again!!

You are such a trip!!
sari said…
I'm terrible at getting to memes no matter how much i actually want to do them.

PS The washcloths you have DO sound better!
Allie said…
Hmm ... perhaps we are more than just sisters at heart as I can see myself in a few of your facts.

You forgot perhaps the most important one Ellen: That you are unwaiveringly loyal. That is one of the biggest things that I admire about you.

Oh ... and your writing - I love!

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