Who moved my Blackberry

Don't forget to mark January 10th in as a day to read! If you don't have any inspiration for a book , if you are afraid of literature with a capital L, I dare to make a small recommendation for some corporate satire.

If you are familiar with the corporate world, if you know some managers who need a bigger office to fit in their ego, if you wonder why people who only sell hot air seem to make promotions anyway, ... this book might seem very familiar.

If you are totally keen on modern technology and modern conversations, you'll feel at ease in this book that is solely composed via e-mail messages.

I finished this book in a couple of days, so that means it has the capacity to drag you into it. In the week afterwards Jan has finished it in his turn and he has not read books in months!


Dear E. I just want to thank you so so much for voting for my Christmas post I really appreciate it - hugs to you!
Have you seen the Dilbert cartoons? They are great satire, as are the books that the cartoonist has written about his corporate days.
Scott Adams is the name of the cartoonist...
Dear E - you make me LAUGH - I totally can see you....... ummm....... looking out the window if you had to endure any more than 2 minutes in Betsy's apartment!!!

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