I must gooooo!

This afternoon this arrives in our e-mail

"Hi all,
Tomorrow morning between 9 AM and 1 Pm there will be an interruption in the water supply in our headquarters.

Please take into account that the toilets will have no water either during those 4 hours".
Huh??? "take into account". What do they mean by that? Are we forbidden to go to the toilet? Are we supposed to hold ourselves during 4 hours? Or are we allowed to go without the ability to flush the toilet? Were they offering us any solution or alternative such as lots of buckets of water or a rented toilet somewhere or something????
And shouldn't they warn about anything else e.g. how was the cantine going to prepare all the dishes?
I had already heard that there was a leak in the water supply coming to our office, which is standing a bit remotely. Clearly last week's flooded toilet was not the only plumbing problem around the building :(. And I understand things need to get fixed and that requires probably closing off the main supply line for a while.
But can they truly demand that you are present in an office without sanitary provisions during 4 hours?? I don't think they can without taking measures of some kind!! Those who know me well know that you can totally stress me out by forbidding me to go to the toilet during a certain time. In that case I must go even more.
Since my morning meeting got cancelled and I can technically work from home, I told my boss I'd arrive in the office at the start of the afternoon. He didn't protest so that's nicely arranged. I took it into account, right?
I had a good morning at home, drove to work since I had meetings in the afternoon and there I discovered that somehow the water had just been cut off at noon. 6 hours later, it was still off and the toilets are in the mean time disgusting as you can expect. There was no communication whatsoever to explain the delay in the interruption. Great.
Let's hope we have normal sanitary provisions tomorrow! ....or I could hang out at home again. Hmmmm, tempting.


Jen said…
Of course, right! I was about to write that it sounds like a good day to work from home! ;-)
Wholly Burble said…
I'd definitely stay close to a working toilet! Or have had the boss put in lots of ten gallon water jugs to "flush" the old way--pouring a ton of water from a HEIGHT to flush the toilet.

No, I'd just stay home LOL.

Of course, you know the repairmen have portapotties--maybe you should just go outside and use theirs LOL
R. Duckie said…
Eeek, i would have brought a shovel and a bag.. joking...
anno said…
Definitely a day to work from home. I'm sure that's what "take into account" means.
blah said…
Hey beautiful - it means - youre going to ahve smelly tiolets for tht time!!!

PS - I've just tagged you for a share a tip post :-)
That's...CRAZY!!!!!!! I cannot believe they didn't shut the building down till things were fixed. That's CRAZY!!!!

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