New Year's Dive in Scheveningen

If I didn't convince you in my last post yet that the Dutch are a little crazy, read about this tradition: on the first of January at noon, thousands of them race into the cold North Sea. The little dip in the cold water (4°C) would wake them up and cure them from any hang-over they'd have.

This year there were 10000 of them in Scheveningen (there are more dives elsewhere in the Netherlands but Scheveningen is the main one) and there were 2 crazy Belgians that joined them in the frenzy....and 2 Belgian women and kids watching from a safe far distance ;).

The atmosphere and wacko music was ready

The sponsor was present

The crowd was ready

And off they went at noon

Splash splash splash Brrrrrr

Are these the 2 brave Belgians??

Ah no are our 2 brave Belgians!


Jenn in Holland said…
Oh, brrrrrrr! But I can see I missed quite a photo opportunity by staying in my warm bed on the first! Hmmm. Maybe next year I will get there. Not to get IN the ocean mind you, but just to watch the craziness!
Happy New Year to you and your crazy Belgian man!
Jen said…
Oh, man, that sounds sooooooo cold! It was -2 fahrenheit today. Brave Belgians indeed!
anno said…
Brrrrrrave, indeed!
Jenn in Holland said…
Hey, something for you at my place today.
Sheryl said…
Oh my goodness! That looks like something that would be fun to do once- just to say you've done it!

A little US Geography:
We started at the northwestern tip of Indiana and drove the length of the state into Kentucky (about 5 hours). Then we drove the length of Kentucky into Tennessee (about 2 hours). Once we were in Tennessee we had to go east a bit (to change roads) as well as south (about 2 more hours) and into Georgia. We drove the entire length of Georgia from north to south (about 8 hours) and once we were into Florida it took us about 4 hours to arrive in Tampa. Whew!
Wholly Burble said…
We have some of those crazies in the U.S. too--called the Polar Bear clubs (or some other appropriate names)--and on January 1st they line up at places like one of the Great Lakes, in Chicago I believe is one group--and amazingly more join every year for the festivities.

The pictures were fun--I cannot even wrap my mind around 10000 souls all wanting to bare their bods and brave the Burrrrrs.
blah said…
And you think I'm a zotdink!!

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