I'm tired lately.
Although I am not working on any major project right now, the day-to-day ad-hoc follow up of thousands little things at work keep me much busier than planned.
I have tons of thoughts racing through my head lately making it rather unclear and I can't distill any structure in it.
My nose is running slightly, but it's not like I am having a cold yet.
I can't keep up with all of your posts, my feed reader is exploding.
The pictures I wanted to post about Bruges will not get posted tonight either.

I guess I am a bit quiet online lately. Oh well, so be it... I am off to bed now! Have a good night of sleep.


Jen said…
I hope you had a good sleep. We all need time off from time to time.
Carol said…
Ohhhh, I have this affliction too. It's January-itis! Feel better soon.

anno said…
January-itis is the perfect word to describe how I've been feeling, too! Rest well -- hope you feel better soon!
Jenn in Holland said…
Yeah, me too. Take your time.
Wholly Burble said…
Quiet's good--enjoy it, don't fight it, and know everyone will be here when you're up to it.
blah said…
hey beautiful girl,

quiet 's not a bad thing - we understand :-) and will still love you in your " quiet time " were all still here

and when you're back on highspeed mode - we'll still all still be here!! Love you!

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