Will I change employer next week or not, ..that's the question?

If you want to know...follow this type of stories in the news this week! Do I get a Dutch flag ready (if Heineken and Carlsberg succeed they will split up S&N and Heineken will acquire Alken-Maes who is my employer)? Or stil a Scottish one? Or maybe a totally different one?

I sure have my nose in the newspapers this week!


david mcmahon said…
G'day from Australia,

Maybe fly the EU flag - or just to confuse everyone, fly the Australian flag instead!!
anno said…
Sounds like maybe you need to keep a collection of flags in your drawer... it's a thought, anyway.
Wholly Burble said…
Nothing like keeping you in the air--I do just fine when I know something, even something bad I can deal with. I do NOT take not knowing well!

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