The advantage of vandalism on your car that the car repair shop cleans your car inside and outside before giving it back.
and if that shop happens to be in the neighbourhood of your aunt and uncle whom you should have visited already a long time, you can pay them a pleasant surprise visit.

Hihi , it's not all bad. But please don't let it happen again though.


I think once was probably more than enough...
anno said…
The only time my car was vandalized, I had to reschedule a flight to Los Angeles -- a flight that crashed on take-off into a highway overpass. (When I heard about the crash, I canceled all flight plans & took a bus.)

So, yes, having your car vandalized can be a good thing. But I'm glad it hasn't happened more than once.
Lilacspecs said…
Yikes. I guess that's sort of an advantage to not having a can't get vandalized.

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