Mijn restaurant: vote for Leuven

As was to be expected, Oostende got nominated for "Mijn Restaurant". They only got 12 points (Hasselt 36, Antwerp 27 and Leuven 26) as everyone agreed that the food and service in the Red Pepper was the least. No Ghislaine: it wasn't tactics, I think it was the honest opinion of all judges. You'd do so much better if you didn't have so much paranoia. Yet apparently your chef would have been a major factor in your poor score, but then I read in the press that he's already fired due to a fraudulous past.

As was to be expected, Exquisa in Hasselt scored very well. The spontaneity and warmth of this couple is so catchy and apparently the food and atmosphere is good too.

So the second nomination was between Leuven or Antwerp. And with one point difference, Leuven got nominated again. Aaaaargh. So let's all vote for Leuven again. Despite Lien's fear that My Restaurant will become boring without the famous Ghislaine, Leuven must remain in the race a bit longer.


Was your mothers kitchen in the running? I would have voted for her :-)!!

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