It's New Year's Eve week or something like that

If anyone tells you New Year in Belgium is on January first...don't believe them. All new things, all public life (not only the schools!!) starts in the first week of September in Belgium and it ends in the last week of June. July and August are one long New Year's party that can be filled with vacation/ festivals/ bbq's etc.... But all organisations have stopped for 2 months.

Diving club rehearsals have already stopped a couple of weeks ago...
Tomorrow is last yoga class until September
Step aerobic continues during the summer but is only repeating some routines we've already done during 'the year'.
Tonight we had a goodbye potluck dinner with the choir and tonight we exchanged kisses and waved everybody "a good vacation" when we left , yet we promised each other to send e-mails and to hop by each other during the summer. That might happen, but experience has learned that not much of these good intentions actually come to reality. After all, everybody leaves on vacation or has already 1000 plans. New Year's resolutions always fail.

All will pick up again in September. Then truly a new year starts. Not in January, January is simply the continuation of December. I even often confuse people when I claim something will happen next year or has happened previous year, when really I talk about something that will happen in the fall or which has happened in the months before the summer.

The end of a school still feels a bit special too me. Sad for temporary goodbyes, weird for the different agenda, full of anticipation for the summer plans.


anno said…
Oh, I think you've got it exactly right. The end of June is the New Year's Eve. And the hard work of the new year does not begin until September 1st. What happens in between should be calm, peaceful, and totally fun! Hope you enjoy your break!
Korie said…
Yeah, the whole "New Years Party" still happening in like, February really threw me off for a while.
Snooker said…
Interesting way to look at it. But now that I think about it, you are right.

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