Recipe for a good weekend

  • A fun summer location e.g. Scheveningen (part of The Hague which is located at the beach)
  • A location full of precious memories e.g. Scheveningen
  • Good friends
  • Some more good friends
  • Fun kids
  • A new baby
  • Unexpected good weather
  • Stereotype Dutch food
  • Good food
  • A special ingredient as a finishing touch


  • Don't rush driving up
  • Have a relaxed lunch with your hosts
  • Play with their children
  • Go for a walk in the dunes....along the beach and the busy boulevard up to the harbor
  • Watch the kiters
  • Watch the many people strolling along the beach
  • Add your special ingredient for the weekend: Finally manage to meet some of your favourite bloggers Jenn in Holland and Kate of a Ceaselessmind and one of their colleagues in person.
  • Go for drinks together
  • Take pictures of each other and enjoy the sun
  • Get a sunburn
  • Go back much much too late to your fabulous hosts who have prepared a delicious fish barbecue in the mean time
  • Have a lazy sunday morning
  • Go to the nearby park with the kids
  • Go and visit some other friends and their baby
  • Come back to your hosting friends and sit in the garden together, play with the children and get some more sunburn
  • Go out for a stereotype Dutch meal at the beach in Scheveningen in the sun
  • Drive home after a great weekend
  • Crash in your bed totally exhausted

tips for presentation:


Jen said…
Certainly looks like the perfect recipe!
anno said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
anno said…
It sounds like a fabulously wonderful weekend! I am the teensiest bit envious about the beach, the company, and all that excellent Dutch food! Glad the weather behaved for you.
lies said…
Mooie foto's!
Snooker said…
Aww... it looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm so happy for you!
Amila Suwa said…
I have copied that to try it when I have kids!!
Jenn in Holland said…
And the best part about this recipe is that it is a DELICIOUS DISH for everyone!

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