Bear hug

I've heard once the claim "Everybody needs a hug a day". Oh boy, that doesn't look good for Europeans because we are not regular huggers. We greet each other with one or more kisses and the natural cultural confusion that brings each time in an international setting : 1, 2, 3 or more? Quite fun, don't get me wrong, but not quite the same as feeling a pair of welcoming arms around you. of the many reasons I like to hang out with my Canadian and American friends. They hug me and I love that :). So guess how thrilled I was to get this award from Jen of A2eatwrite

It's not a hug, it's a GIANT BEAR HUG. Sweeeet.

According to the award rules I can only pass it on 5 times to writers and their blogs.

  1. My first bear hug goes to a friend I met at RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) in Idaho in '99. At RYLA we hug a lot...because Rylarians are the best huggers ever.Hahaha. So I really think Allie from A day in the Life of the Whittinghams deserves this big virtual hug from me!

  2. I really want to give a big virtual hug to my Canadian host families. I miss them all very much. Maybe this can stimulate some of them to pick up blogging again, right Julia? right DMD?

  3. In '88 my life changed when a widely-smiling open spontaneous Aussie girl walked into our door as an exchange student and managed to bridge language barriers right away. In the mean time she went back home, found herself a wonderful man, raises a beautiful family and runs among others a succesful blog about style, interiors and colors at "All things bright and beautiful". Hey Zot Ding, I really wish I could hug your for real after all those years, but we'll have to do with a virtual hug now.
  4. One of the very first blogs I started to follow must have been Betsy's Blog Ness Monster. Since then I've been hooked to all the funny situations she seems to attract all the time, but have been sharing her worrysome moments as well. She deserves a big bear hug for all the moments she needed it and as a thank for many giggles.
  5. My last hug goes to Jenn from My Life In A Nutshell. She sounds like a great genuine mom and friend and I bet she's a great hugger!


Anonymous said…
a big Marmot hugh!!!!
Jen said…
Great hugging choices! I love international hugs. ;-)
Jenn said…
Thanks, I'm blushing....

blah said…
Hey beautiful girl - did you know I love you heaps :-) a Zotdink hug right on back to you :-) and smiles and pralines :-) :-)

HEY! Guess what - they have Leonadis (sp??) here in HK - I walk past them every time I go into town - and indulge occasionally - and think of you regularly :-)
Betsy said…
Thanks so much! The affection is mutual-- here's a great big bear hug coming right back at you! :-)

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