Unorganised tour guides

What do you do when you get foreing guests that do not know Belgium yet? ...try to show them as much of Belgium. So we drove of for a late afternoon/evening visit of Antwerp.

After a nice stroll along the Scheldt we were much too late to visit the cathedral inside. And to visit Ruben's house. When we arrived in the diamant quarter, it was obviously way after business hours so it was totally deserted there too and the diamond shops all had their metal doors down. And as Sabbath was starting also the Jewish quarter was quite deserted.

Hmm maybe a Friday evening is not the best moment to visit Antwerp, but I think we had a nice evening nevertheless.


Jen said…
All I remember of Antwerp was it was very beautiful.
Anonymous said…
:) Travel is to enjoy where you are. Doesn't matter well-planned or unorganized. But if one would like an well-planned tour, can look for a personal tour guide for help.

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sari said…
Those pictures are beautiful! I think it looks like a lovely place to visit.

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