GP Jef Scherens

The first 3 weeks of September are "Leuven kermis": the fair arrives downtown and takes in 3 squares with their multicolor attractions for young and old. In the same period there's also fireworks, special markets etc...

And traditionally the first weekend of the fair, the GP Jef Scherens gets organised: a semi-classic one-day cycling race made up of 13 tours through the city of Leuven. And it happens to come by in front of our door all afternoon, as it did last year as well.

On the one hand it had been pooring rain and it was cold, on the other hand it's hard to ignore it completely if it is happening just outside. On the one hand our house really needed cleaning and now I had some time, on the other hand Jan can't sit at home an entire day.
So when he asked to go for a walk along the circuit (and promising he'd help me clean afterwards... something he always does anyway), the dilemma was quickly solved. Dressed in our rain coats, we started walking and saw the race coming by a couple of times. There were no real big names cycling along, except for Sven Nys who is a famous cyclo-cross winner and 9th place in the Olympics for mountain bike...but known to add some road races to his list to train and keep in form all year round.

Our walk ended up a bit longer which resulted in soaked socks, sore muscles and a lot of grumpiness by the time I got home. Nothing that dry clothes and some glasses of Coke can't heal though and I enjoyed the evening in a clean house.


Jen said…
Coming back to a warm, clean house and a coke can be pure pleasure.
Korie said…
I felt the same way after we went to the city center yesterday. Coming home to a dry house does feel pretty nice. No Coke here though :)

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