You can't believe what is hidden in the water

Requested by Jen and Snooker: some pictures

Me checking out the buswreck

A bigass zander in the bus...and one on top of the bus as wel as some perches

A buswreck, roadsigns, Nokia mobile phone models, a helicopterwrek,'s all there in Lac de L'Eau d'Heure.


lies said…
Korie said… did that get down there? Was a town flooded? On purpose?
Goofball said…
@lies: hihi, thanks

@lilacspecs: They are sunk at purpose at dive spots. But here it's a dammed lake , so you also see the remainder of trees that have been flooded indeed. A nearby quarry has a helicopter and plane sunk in it. The lake we ususally visit near Antwerp has sculptures. It makes diving a bit of a treasure hung and it gives compass navigation a goal :)
Snooker said…
Lovely! And what a beautiful shade of GREEN! Don't you just love freshwater lakes?

So you are a ScubaPro girl? I really am all over the market. Mares regulator, SeaQuest Buoyancy Compensator, and whatever suit happens to cost the least. When you do a lot of lake diving you'll see that you end up like me... I have a 3mm, 5mm, and 6mm semi-dry. Soon I'll get myself a dry suit I'm sure.

I played with one of your pictures. Check it out here.
Jenn in Holland said…
Ah, those are fantastic shots in the green! It looks like such a fun dive. I really need to learn...

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