It's broken

I have to admit something....I post all my posts on this blog using telepathy. it comes in very handy because you don't need to type anything anymore.

But it's broken since last week. Very very inconvenient as I'd really need it right now. My agenda, already quite full as it is, got extra filled with crashing servers and incompetent suppliers requiring late night evening shifts at work and with frequent trips to the hospital and due to some sleepless nights with some urgent required catching up of sleep.

So without telepathy I don't manage to post regularly anymore. Oh well, i'm sure you can do without me for a bit.

I'll leave you with a beautiful picture Jan took in Reims and that totally fits the time of the year. Enjoy.


Alex Elliot said…
I'm sending you positive vibes because you have so much going on right now. Beautiful picture!
Anonymous said…
Ik hoop dat alles snel weer op z'n plaats valt en dat we weer kunnen genieten van je berichtjes. Veel succes de komende dagen en weken!
Snooker said…
So instead of bloggers block, you have telepathy block. It actually sounds more serious!

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