Fun as expected

Sometimes you see a comment on a blog and you click through in curiousity (or you see a blog roll or you get a comment....) and you go over to read the unknown blog. And instanteously you feel a connection as you notice you share some interests or ideas. So you keep going back, you leave plenty comments (and you get them back) and the other blogger feels more and more "familiar". And you can't help thinking that you'd like each other if you'd ever meet in person.

The great thing is that you can easily meet up for a blind date if you both happen to live in the same city. And even greater if it turns out as expected into a fun relax evening where you chat all night long as if you are longtime friends. Coool! Let's do that again another time rozebril!


Anonymous said…
Zeker weten!
Jen said…
That's always so cool!

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