Camping weekend with the dive club

Last year the diving/camping weekend turned out a big success and so it was put on the agenda again. Yearly traditions always get created by repeating the first edition, right? Despite the bad weather predictions we were brave enough to book 4 nights, profiting from the Belgian national holiday on Tuesday. We were camping near Walcourt and went diving in Les Lacs de L'Eau d'Heure (Belgium's biggest lake area) where we've been a couple of times before and also in the former quarry at La Roche Fontaine. As for the weather we were very greatfull that the massive rainfall restricted itself to the nights and just before our dives (oh no our wetsuits get wet ;) ).

La Roche Fontaine has some sunken boats and a fighter plane to see under the water.

In Wallonia the dive spots have access control unlike some lakes in Flanders or the river estuarium in the Netherlands and we could not be diving each day. That's ok though....divers have other interests as well such as:

  • getting wet in other ways:

  • visiting the power dam which we've seen so often from a bit further up but never bothered to check out closer:

  • Nice well-known beers as well as some newly discovered local brands.
    (yes of course only after diving... we are safe divers!)

  • putting things on fire

  • Eating chips, chocolate, cookies, marshmellows, candy, ...

  • And hanging out together

It was fun !!


rozebril said…
Is dat Jan, met die 2 marshmallows? Zo'n grappige foto!!
Lilacspecs said…
Looks like a fun weekend! If it ever stops raining I'm hoping we'll get to the coast...since CB made me buy a bathing suit this summer.
Goofball said…
@rozebril: yep
@lilacspecs: this Sunday should be lovely!
anno said…
It looks like great fun, a great group of people, too!
Looks like a great weekend. I think I need some summer fun like this. ;-)
Jenn said…
Looks like so much fun. Swimming and eating marshmellows. Love that marshmellow pic too. Looks great.


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