On the road

* That big Volvo cruising by with the 2 people in front with their sunglasses on singing very loud along with Studio Brussel who was broadcasting The Kaiserchiefs live from the festival Rock Werchter....
that was us

Ruby Ruby Ruby...Ah Ah-ah aaaaah

(watching a summary of the 4-day "best festival in the world" at 15 kms from our door on tv right now...damn there's been quite some good groups this year: Coldplay, Placebo, Lilly Allan, Metallica, Kaiserchiefs, Kings of Leon, Black Eyed Peas, Amy MacDonald, Nick Cave, Jason Mraz, .... Maybe we should consider going next year. But then again there's so many groups I don't know)

* Earlier on the afternoon, those 2 people making funny movements to Shantel's Disko Partizani ...that was us too.

* Note to all moterdrivers:
I know the weather has been quite hot in Belgium last week until the thunderstorms ended it tonight. Nevertheless it is fxxxing stupid to be riding your motorcycle in a little T-shirt on the highway. "dumn as a cow's ass" to quote Jan. Oh my gosh I'd not wanna see you if you've hit that road with your bare skin. eeeeek. Come on, use your brain.


This cracked me up. That was QUITE some festival. Man, I would have gone.
Goofball said…
@jen: it's one of the biggest festivals in the world, biggest in Belgium and it takes place 10-15 kms from Leuven!

As a teenager/student I was only into commercial music and folk music etc...Rock and alternative was lost on me. 12 years ago I went to Rock Werchter with some friends because that was simply the thing you were supposed to do. I recognised 1 song during 2 days!!!!!! I didn't like it and never felt tempted to go again. Festival in Ghent, tropical music festivals, folk festivals...that was my thing.

Now I'm in my 30ies and somehow I got so bored of the commercial radio stations that were playing in our office with a lot of stupid blablablaa and games etc. So we have Studio Brussel on all day now. And all of a sudden I realise I know al of these groups coming to Rock Werchter. For 2 years now I realise too late that this festival rocks :p. But ticket sales start in winter and at that moment I'm never tracking the groups that sign up to come. And then again the top acts are spread out over 4 days which would make it quite expensive if you'd want to go. We'd have to take vacation days as well etc... Almost like a small vacation. So I don't know if we'll be there next year or not. But we should at least consider it once :)

Ruby Ruby Ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anno said…
Attending festivals might be fun, but singing along with the radio in the car on a summer day (with hand motions!)... that tops all. Sounds like a great day!

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