Stories from Bali and Singapore II

I've already told how helpful the Balinese people are and the service in our hotel was top. Our room was on the ground floor with 2 big glass sliding doors giving entry to our little terrace closeby the pool with on the inside 2 wooden sliding doors to keep the light out (or unwanted looks).

Since the travel agency was informed that this vacation was our honeymoon, I wasn't quite surprised to see that they gave us a small surprise. Nevertheless I was utterly amazed when I saw how much trouble they had done. While we were showering after a lazy afternoon at the pool , they had started to put flower decorations on our terrace. When I say flower decorations, I mean lots and lots of them. This hotel also sets-up weddings on site so they knew how to create festive decorations: pots, flower bows, abundance of tropical colors. It was amazing when I peaked through the slice of light of the 2 wooden doors and I saw that more and more people seemed to be assembling in front of our garden to watch what was going on and to congratulate us.

Right at that moment Jan had walked in the room from the bathroom and had probably accidently turned the light off as I found myself in the pitchblack.
"Jan Jan, you have to come, look what they've done, they've surprised us"
"Jan turn the light on, can't find the handles of the doors"
that was the sound of my head banging the glass doors

"Jan come on, you have to see all these flowers, they expect us to come outside. Gosh they've done so much trouble! "
"Turn the light on, I can't see what I'm doing"

I was annoyed by Jan's sloweness in response and lack of enthousiasm. Finally he turned the light on next to his bed and much to my confusion he was laying in bed giving me a weird look.

I tried to speed up my thinking but my brains seemed to have frozen at that moment.
The wooden doors were open and clearly it was pitchblack outside as well. Huh? What was going on? Where were the flowers and the people? I knew this meant something, but what? Jan asked me what the hell I was talking about. Euh yeah, what was I talking about? What was I doing in the dark in my pyama's at the garden doors? Huh, why was I up? What time was it?
I felt so incapable of thinking anything.

"Nothing nothing, turn the light off, I'm going back to bed....sorry for waking you"

And now I still have to live through Jan's jokes when he asks me each night if I've already seen the nice flowers outside or if I could please not wake him up this night or .... Quite some giggling guarenteed!


Lilacspecs said…
Heheh, quite a graphic dream, I guess?
Far better than some of my graphic dreams. I'd love ones with flowers!
Luisa Perkins said…
It sounds like a wonderful dream--and so real!
R. Duckie said…
That's cool, did you feel like the Pope?
Goofball said…
@lilacspecs/jen : euh yes, it took me a while to realise I was dreaming

@Luisa: I've never given much tought whether it was wonderful or not. After all I was still peaking through the doors. What puzzled me mainly is the fact that I was sleepwalking/dreaming out loud such unrealistic things.

@R. Duckie: the pope? huh? no I didn't. I can't seen the connection.

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